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Following a sponsor being acquired for 2 years as a trial, medal rosettes will be reinstated for a trial period.

Gold Medal Rosette will be awarded to the Overall In Hand Champion at the breed show

Silver Medal Rosettes will be awarded to the In Hand Champions at Area Shows

Bronze Medal Rosettes will be awarded to In Hand Champions at the shows nominated by areas who do not hold area shows.


1.       Owners must be members of the Society before the date of the show they win a medal rosette at.

2.       Winning pony must be in the correct ownership and properly recorded with the society

3.       Pony must be correctly registered in section 1 of the society

4.       Rosettes will be awarded at the end of the year not on the day, so that all criteria can be double checked with the society

If the scheme is a success then other selected shows will be invited to hold bronze medal rosette qualifiers in 2020 and a performance medal rosette will be looked at too.

The aim of the medal rosettes is to give exhibitors something special to aim for throughout the season, which will be a lasting reminder of a special moment.

A facebook page will be set up to encourage winners to share their stories and pictures.