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Pony of the Year

In-hand (Senior and Youngstock) and Ridden

From 2017 qualifying ponies will be Senior & Reserve In Hand Champion, Youngstock & Reserve In Hand Champion and Ridden & Reserve Champion from Exford Show and all area shows organised under the auspices of the EPS.

Those areas which do not hold a show may nominate one show in their area to host the POTY qualifier. 

Qualifying cards and rosettes, kindly sponsored by Rosettes Direct, will be presented at the participating shows.

At the final there will be one champion from each section and an overall supreme champion. Finalist rosettes will be awarded to all who enter the final and they will be presented in the ring at the POTY Championship.

Mr Michael Dewhurst will judge the 2017 final.

EPS showing rules apply to the competition. Qualifying exhibitors must be EPS members at the time of the Final which will be held at the Midland Area Show.

Qualifying cards should be sent, no later than two weeks before the Midland Area Show, to:

Mrs Sue Burger
SA19 8NR

Qualifying Shows for POTY 2017


Midland Area Show
Scottish Area Show
RBST Rare Breeds of the Year Show


NPS Area 10 Show (14th May)
Somerset Area Show (1st July)
Northern Area Show (2nd July)
NPS Area 25 (11th July)
South Eastern Area Show (16th July)
Dunster Country Fair (26th July)
Welsh Area Show (29th July)
EPS Breed Show (9th August)

Qualifying Shows for POTY 2018

Midland Area Show (26th August)
Scottish Area Show (3rd September)
RBST Rare Breeds of the Year Show (7th October)
Christmas Foal Show (26th November)

Additional show to be added to cover the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire area.

Pony of the Year 2017

Judge:  Mr M Dewhurst

Pony of the Year 2016

Judge: Mr D J T Brewer

Senior: Warrenmere Woodcock and overall Reserve Champion
Youngstock: Moonpenny Fantasia
Ridden: Eddra Chillies and overall Champion

Pony of the Year 2015

Judge: Mr J D Lee

Champion: Cosmic Juno
Reserve: Edwinsfield Nocturne
Champion: Moonpenny Fantasia
Reserve: Cellini
Champion: Blackthorn Poem
Reserve: Anchor Fairytale

SUPREME: Cosmic Juno
RESERVE: Moonpenny Fantasia

Pony of the Year 2014

Judge: Mrs A Western

Champion: Cider Apple (J Westcott)
Reserve: Warrenmere Woodcock (E Etchells)
Champion: Bournefield Tudor Rose (P Ward-Burton)
Reserve: Edwinsfield Adagio (D Woodward)
Champion: Cosmic Lacerta (G Whetter)
Reserve: Eddra Chillies (H Rogers)

RESERVE: Warrenmere Woodcock

Pony of the Year 2013

Judge: Mrs R Thomas

CHAMPION: Dunkery Wigeon (M Richardson)
RESERVE:  Cider Apple  (A Westcott)

BEST YOUNGSTOCK: Beinnliath None But The Brave  (F Dickson)

POTY Co-ordinator

Mrs Sue Burger, Blaenmarlais, Llansdwrn,  
Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire, SA19 8NR

Tel: 01558 685479

Email: sueburger(at)