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Passports  (includes loans/transfers/deaths information)

Please see EPS specific information lower down page.  


All horses and ponies (and other forms of equidae) need to have a passport identifying the animal. Owners of foals need to obtain a passport for it on or before 31st December of the year of its birth, or by six months after its birth, whichever is later. Owners of older horses who have yet to apply for a horse passport should do so immediately.

  • mandatory microchipping of foals (and adult horses not previously identified) before a passport can be issued;
  • horses must be accompanied by their passport at all times;
  • owners or keepers with primary responsibility for care of the horse must ensure any horse they look after is correctly identified
  • if a passport is not available or the horses food status is not known to the vet - certain veterinary medicines may not be administered or prescribed;

Owners of horses that have not applied for a passport within the timescales outlined in paragraph one above are committing an offence under the Horse Passports Regulations 2009. You should apply for a passport as soon as possible.

Owners should note that if you apply for a passport after the timelines outlined in the first paragraph Part 2 of Section IX will be completed by the issuing body before the passport is issued, irreversibly excluding the animal from the human food chain.

It is the responsibility of the horse owner to obtain a passport.

The ‘keeper' means a person who is not the owner of a horse but is appointed by the owner to have day-to-day charge of that horse. Keepers with primary responsibility for the horse's day-to-day welfare should satisfy themselves that all the horses under their care have been correctly identified before agreeing to keep them. It is an offence to keep a horse without a passport.

Failure to correctly identify animals under the new rules could lead to a fine of up to £5000.

Please see information below on EPS passports


Changes of ownership or change of permanent address of owner must be notified to the organisation that has issued the passport. The passport-issuing organisation (PIO) may require that the passport be returned for updating. You must inform the PIO of either of these occurrences within 30 days. Whilst your passport is with the PIO they will issue you with a temporary document that will allow you to move or transport your horse within the UK.

Please see information below on EPS transfers of ownership 


Upon the death of the animal you must return the passport to the issuing body within 30 days. They are required by law to invalidate the passport (and, if a microchip was implanted, the microchip number). You may however request that they return it once they have finished with it.

Please see information below on EPS procedures 



  • stabled or on pasture and the passport can be produced without delay;
  • moved temporarily on foot in the vicinity of the holding and the passport can be produced within 3 hours;
  • moved on foot between summer and winter grazing;
  • unweaned and accompanied by their dam or foster mare;
  • participating in a training or test of an equestrian competition which requires them to leave the event venue or
  • moved or transported under emergency conditions.






EPS Passports

The Society provides passports for:

- pure bred Exmoor Ponies registered in Section 1 of the main section of the Exmoor Pony Stud Book - these passports are beige in colour

- pure bred Exmoor Ponies registered in Section X of the main section of the Exmoor Pony Stud Book - these passports are blue in colour.

In addition, the Society provides passports for:

- First Cross/Part Bred ponies where the sire is a licensed Exmoor stallion or the dam is a registered Exmoor mare - these passports are green in colour

Passports are a LEGAL REQUIREMENT and have replaced the old 'Certificates of Registration'.

If you still have the old style 'Certificate of Registration' and have not applied for a passport then you should return your certificate with the fee of £15 (for members) and £30 (for non-members) to the Secretary. Please also provide a strong self-addressed envelope size about 9 x 6 stamped with the new 2nd Class Large stamp.

The Society will then provide you with the appropriate paperwork for your pony to be micro-chipped and this information will be included in the passport.  As a minimum requirement, the vet must mark ‘M’ on the silhouette to identify the location of the microchip and sign and stamp the silhouette.  All ponies requiring a passport must be named.

If you wish your passport to be returned by recorded delivery then please obtain the necessary certificate from your post office.

Please contact the Secretary This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you would like to register a first cross or part bred Exmoor pony so that the appropriate paperwork can be forwarded to you.

Passports issued before 2003 that do not include 'Section IX' pages are no longer valid and should be returned to the Secretary to be updated together with the fee of £2 and a SAE as detailed above.

If you have any queries regarding passports then again please contact the Secretary.


If your pony is going out on loan then a loan form must be completed and returned to the Society.  Download form here . 




The passport should be returned to the Society’s offices within 30 days of purchase of the pony so that the change of ownership can be recorded in the passport and on the database in accordance with current legislation.

Please send the passport together with a copy of the bill of sale (or details of person from whom you purchased the pony if not the last name recorded in the passport), your own details and a cheque for £10 made payable to the Exmoor Pony Society to cover the transfer fee.

The Society endeavours to return passports within 5 working days.



Upon the death of a pony the passport should be returned to the Society.  Once the passport has been cancelled then we are in a position to return the passport to you – please provide a strong self-addressed envelope size about 9 x 6 stamped with the new 2nd Class Large stamp.


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