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The history

This bursary was set up by Mr David Sykes in memory of Marion Williams.  David wrote:

Marion wonderful Marion - I was thinking the morning after she died she was not just going to just disappear she was too special.  When I was on the NPS mixed panel sometimes in classes in the small breeds ring, there would be an Exmoor ridden by a lady with a green hat.  So it was easy as far as the judge was concerned, you would just say would you bring the lady in the green hat. Later I discovered that her name was Marion Williams and she became a very remarkable person.

This annual bursary evolved involving the Ridden Pony as that is where I knew Marion, or the lady with the green hat!  The home of the breed is in the South West and Marion herself spent a lifetime at Weston-super-Mare. 

The criteria

A special green rosette will be awarded to the highest placed rider under 25 riding a registered Exmoor pony owned by a member of the Society at EPS affiliated shows in the South West.  And because, Marion did not only stay close to home, I thought championships – NPS, Equifest, BSPS, HOYS, Olympia and EPS Ridden Pony of the Year should also be included.    

What you have to do

Each young person awarded a green rosette will also receive a qualifying card - make sure you send it to the Society Secretary, at one of the above mentioned shows, in any given year, has to write to the EPS Committee with the reason why they would like to receive The Marion William's Bursary.

The letter must be received by the EPS Committee in the February of the following year so that it can be discussed at the first EPS Committee Meeting of the Year.

The bursary will be awarded at the Annual General Meeting.  

2018 Recipients

Those presented with a Marion Williams Bursary Award Rosette in 2018 are invited to apply for the bursary.

Closing date: 15th February 2019.

2017 Recipients

No applications for the Marion Williams Bursary were received ab February 2017.



2016 Recipients

The Marion Williams Bursary Award 2016: Emily Gaskell, Lowena Payne and Rosie Williams.


2015 Recipients

In February 2016, it was agreed that the bursary, worth £500, would be shared between the four applicants:

Georgia Evans; Kittiana French; Charlotte Matravers and Rosie Williams.