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Don't forget to check out the details of Performance and Area Awards - entry deadlines are approaching for the Area Awards.


Just a quick reminder to everyone to make sure that the Secretary knows you have foals/ponies for inspection this year and that, where applicable, you have returned your microchip paperwork.

And a reminder to send in information about stallion coverings this year.

British Show Pony Society
122cm M&M Working Hunter Pony of the Year:
1st Barhill Marigold 332/4

122-133cm M&M Working Hunger Pony of the Year:
11th Gaoth

National Pony Society M&M Ridden Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland Pony of the Year:
All 5 Exmoors in the top 11.
3rd Dunkery Wigeon
4th Barhill Marigold
5th Edwinsfield Nocturne
6th Warrenmere Woodcock
9th Eddra Chillies

Barhill Marigold, Dunkery Wigeon, Eddra Chillies, Edwinsfield Nocturne and Warrenmere Woodcock who have qualified for the M&M Ridden at HOYS and Barhill Marigold and Gaoth who have qualified for the Working Hunter Pony.  Have a fabulous time.



VIDEO: Survival on Exmoor

200 Club Winners

1st £25 Ann Partington
2nd £15 Sara Hubbard
3rd £10 Ian Baker

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